The R&B Advantage

R&B offers a professional organization that can fulfill all your administrative, planning, and production needs.

No Dead Time:
R&B can start immediately.

No Training Time:
R&B has an extensive amount of experience in producing shows of this scope and caliber and will begin to work on the event, as soon as the contract is awarded. There would be no lag time in setting up or training.

Long Range Planning:
With R&B managing the day to day agenda, you can devote the time and energy necessary to plan the scope and direction of future events.

R&B will consistently perform at your event. You can be assured in knowing that every event, we are involved with, will be organized and well managed.

Uniquely Qualified:
No other organization can boast the extensive experience and training that R&B has to offer.

Cost Effective:
R&B offers all the advantages of having your own staff support network, at a fraction of the overhead and expense.

One Stop Shop:
R&B can handle all aspects of event production - sponsorship, sales, logistics, set up, marketing, management, and promotion - your One Stop Shop for event production.

Upon the review of our qualifications you will  find . . .

* That  R&B Production can  fulfill the  needs of all parties  involved.

* That you can create a vehicle by which your future activities
 and direction can be planned and implemented.

* That you have obtained quality services  for your business needs.

Simply put . . .
R&B Productions Inc. is an event planning
"One Stop Shop"

Once again, thank you for your consideration!