R&B Productions has the direct responsibility for the sales solicitation, bookkeeping, layout and printing of our annual Chapter Directory. Our association initiated this project originally with R&B Productions and it has proven a very positive relationship. Currently, R&B Productions handles updates and maintenance of our chapter website. Monthly requests, job posting, and event information are posted in a timely and efficient manner.

-William R. Gray
2008/2009 President of the APWA Illinois Chapter

As past and current Committee Member of the American Public Works Association IL Chapter Conference, I have the pleasure of working with Andy Bugos along with the staff at R&B Productions. I have been on the conference committee for the past five years and I have found R&B Productions an invaluable resource regarding our conference planning and execution.

As a current chapter conference committee member, I look forward to working with R&B Productions once again this year. I strongly recommend that R&B Productions be considered for your upcoming conference.

-Doug House
2011 APWA IL Chapter Conference Committee Member

R&B Productions' attention to detail regarding every aspect of meeting planning has truly made the committee's and my job a smooth one. Monthly meetings and appropriate documentation relating to the event has always been completed in accordance with the timeline that the committee has put forth. Furthermore, I strongly recommend that R&B Productions be considered for your upcoming conference.

-Joe Wuellner
2011 APWA IL Chapter Conference Committee Member

R&B Productions has been assisting Caterpillar Corporate Public Affairs with employee events for over fifteen years. The services provided by R&B Productions made it possible to expand the menu of offerings to employees and resulted in a newly formed group - Caterpillar Social Activities and Services. With assistance from R&B Productions, Caterpillar now offers over ten annual cooperate events.

The ability of R&B Productions to be flexible and provide a wide range of services has allowed Caterpillar to offer more events to our employees. R&B Productions has never disappointed Caterpillar and has always taken that extra step to make every event - big or small - a huge success.

Due to the outstanding and reliable services R&B Productions has provided to our corporate programs, Caterpillar recently endorsed their services in a communication to all Caterpillar facilities.

Attention to detail regarding every aspect of event and meeting planning by R&B Productions has truly made my job a successful collaboration with R&B Productions. I highly recommend that they be considered for your upcoming conference.

-Karen Scheffler, Coordinator
Caterpillar Social Activities & Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Carl Bunker and his staff at R&B Productions. Our association is the host of the Central Illinois Auto Show, the downstate's largest auto show and charity reception, held annually at the Peoria Civic Center.

R&B Productions has been under contract during the pays twenty years: planning, managing, and executing our events. It is R&B's honesty, attention to detail and excellent support staff that makes it such a pleasure working with Carl and his staff. It is without hesitation that I recommend an new event or task that Carl or his staff, relating to even planning and execution, will be completed in a timely and professional manner. I support Carl Bunker and R&B Productions' efforts and involvement in producing any event.

-Mike Murphy
2009 President, Peoria Metro New Car Dealer Association
Mike Murphy Ford